Kinesis Business – a part of your management team

Specific Services We Provide
Often times businesses are looking at a specific part of their financials. Below is a quick overview of some of the services Kinesis Business Solutions provides. If you are looking for assistance on an item and you don’t see it here, contact us and we will get back to you to see how we can move your business forward.

Consulting Services

unnamed (10)Planning New Business
We help you in the planning phase of your new business. We will assist in writing your business plan, develop research and development paths and advise you in developing your marketing plan.

unnamed (9)New Business Setup
Kinesis will support you in procuring your Employer Identification Number and your state and county licenses and account numbers.

unnamed (8)Growth of business
Our consultants will help you review your Cost of Goods and Income and we’ll facilitate meetings with banks, marketing firms and shareholders.

unnamed (7)Budgets & Forecasting
In order to forecast needs for growing your company, Kinesis Business Solutions guides you in setting up budgets, then we perform weekly 1-sheet flash reports to track your progress.

unnamed (6)Office Management
When a need arises, Kinesis will assist in writing a job description and interviewing to fill a vacated position. We then train your new employee thoroughly to keep your systems in place.

unnamed (5)Oversight
With our ‘Check Behind System’ Kinesis makes sure your systems are followed and moving forward. We perform a monthly and quarterly review of your books and meet to discuss progress and problems, should they arise.

unnamed (4)

Cliff Edge
There are times in business when you need a hand to help you feel like you are back in control. Kinesis is here for you.

unnamed (3) - Copy - CopyResource Outlet
With our history in business, we share our most trusted resources with our clients. We can put you in touch with attorneys, accountants, payroll, HR, marketing, software, and IT.



Kinesis offers one on one training for the key people in your organization. We specialize in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprises with experience in Wholesale & Distribution, Non-profit, and Professional Service formats. We are also well-versed in PC, Mac and Online platforms.
unnamed (2) - Copy - CopyOffice Management
We teach your key people how to make the accounting software and the office paper flow align.
We offer advice on in-house payroll, sales tax and property tax.


We offer one-on-one training on Peachtree Accounting to the key people in your business.


book keeping 5 - Copy - Copy

Data entry
Kinesis will enter all the information from your bank, for sales and vendor information into your system on a weekly basis.

bookkeeping 3 - Copy - Copy

Kinesis will enter your payroll journal reports and process your quarterly reports. And at the end of the year, we produce W-2s.

booking3 - Copy - Copy

We work with you to pay your vendors and track contractors and, at the end of the year, we produce 1099s for each of them.

book keeping 4 - Copy - Copy

If your business needs invoices for your clients, we will take care of them. Then we will receive the payments and group your deposits to work seamlessly with your system.

booking2 - Copy - Copy

File sales tax
On or before the 20th of the month, we will file sales tax to the appropriate municipalities and submit sales to franchise. We produce any reports your business needs in a timely manner.

icon1Streamlined downloading

Kinesis will connect bank, credit cards and QuickBooks for downloading and reduction of data entry time.